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Review: Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott

Review: Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott

Do you know that feeling when you’re certain something pivotal just happened to you? You’re sure — you just know — that things will never be the same again… I’ve having one of those moments.

The GiveGetWin tour just ended. Persistence. Air planes. Possibilities. There’s so many things I need to write about. It would be a shame and a waste not to. I’ve just accomplished something important. I think it’d be useful for the world to read. I want to write about it.

But I’m having a difficult time and I could use some direction and encouragement. This is why I reread Bird by Bird.

They want to know why they feel so crazy when they sit down to work, why they have these wonderful ideas and then they sit down and write one sentence and see with horror that it is a bad one, and then every major form of mental illness from which they suffer surfaces…

And it delivers. From tackling overwhelm to overcoming self-hate to remembering why you write… Anne Lamott’s book is a perfect mix of tactics and encouragement and humor.

I don’t often give perfect scores, but this one’s a 10/10.

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