Chiara's Job Hunting Tips

Below is a podcast where I shared my best tips (23mins). A Filipino listener listened to that 2-3x, followed the tips, and got a job with Amazon in Amsterdam. This stuff works!

The most common problem when job hunting (abroad, or otherwise): We mostly send our CVs and apply to job sites. We get rejected by automated systems. My solution: Project 100 Strategy. And a related blog post: How I change careers so 'easily’

Other Resources

Why and how can improve retention in the next 60 days
Note: This post is heavily influenced by Brian Balfour’s Building a Growth Machine. It came from the era when ‘growth hacking’ was all the rage. I still recommend the thinking and framework to product managers and product marketers alike. Isn’t bitcoin a scam? That’s what my aunt asked
  • Exponent is an interview prep platform. I used it to practice Product Manager interviews. They also offer resources for Software Engineering, Engineering Management, Product Marketing, and Technical Program Management. It's very helpful.
  • My blog posts on job hunting abroad.

If you follow these tips and something’s just not working, feel free to email me at - I’m happy to troubleshoot with you on your specific situation.