Chiara's Job Hunting Tips

Below is a podcast where I shared my best tips (23mins). A Filipino listener listened to that 2-3x, followed the tips, and got a job with Amazon in Amsterdam. This stuff works!

Feedback (in Filipino)

Kakakinig ko lang ng podcast! Sobrang insightful yung 22mins na yun! Dami kong moments na guilty ako sa typical job hunting process. Hahaha.

Tapos yung how you started rin na anxious ka and wala na nagawa buong araw after pero ngayon very easy na for you. Sobrang relate ako sa anxious and wala nang nagawa after or before. Haha. Thanks ulit!

-- N

English Translation

I just listened to the podcast! Those 22mins are very insightful! I have many moments where I felt guilty of the typical job hunting process. Haha

Then how you said, when you started, you were also anxious and couldn't do anything the whole day after but now it's very easy for you. I relate so much to feeling anxious and not being able to do anything after or before. Haha. Thanks again!

-- N

The most common problem when job hunting (abroad, or otherwise): We mostly send our CVs and apply to job sites. We get rejected by automated systems. My solution: Project 100 Strategy. And a related blog post: How I change careers so 'easily’

Other Resources

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If you follow these tips and something’s just not working, feel free to email me at - I’m happy to troubleshoot with you on your specific situation.