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Book: Go to Market Strategy (10/10)

One of the more practical books on go to market strategy for big companies.

I expected the book to give me a framework for understanding how I can help clients (American tech companies) go to market in the Philippines, and that’s exactly what I got. Which is actually very rare for business books, getting what you expected.

The only people who have a clue what customers will actually buy and how they will buy it – the customers themselves – are not in the meeting. They weren’t invited.

Friedman hammered again and again, that the customer is the best, actually the ONLY, person who knows what he will buy and how. That was a good hammering. We tend to forget.

Also, the discussion on channels was really useful. While it’s overkill for one to five-person companies, it will remind you not to be spending your time blogging on your site when that’s not where customers are hanging out!

Highly recommended if you’re planning to expand internationally, and even when you’re already in the country with a few dozen staff.

Check out Go To Market Strategy by Lawrence Friedman.