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Learning Graphic Design

I discovered Baseline, a free "design bootcamp".

I've been enjoying it a lot!

Why am I learning design?

Here's what I wrote:

  1. I want to learn a proper workflow to design my funnel (and website) efficiently. This became apparent when I created my first "application funnel" via systeme.io. I wrote all the copy in a Google Doc. But when it came to the layout and design, I made a copy of a template and then just clicked around forever. It was a horrible experience.
  2. I want to make better slides, whether for Forto or Gen Propel. I feel the ugliness of my slides, but I don’t have the design skills to articulate the reasons, nor how to fix them. I want to remove this bottleneck in my skills.
  3. I have the freedom to design my website, blog, etc. using systeme.io. I would like to feel good and competent towards that freedom, not overwhelmed.
My first thumbnail sketches
My first Figma file