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That’s okay. This is the game I choose to play.

I have been randomly bursting into tears at work.

It has nothing to do with the company or the people I work with. It has everything to do with me.

Why? I am not sure. Out of frustration, I guess.

All I know is, this happens in the first six months of every important endeavor to me. From school to sports to work: MTG, UP, MMG, SoHelpful, GiveGetWin, Coins.ph, wrestling, OnFrontiers, and now Giant Swarm.

As Day One’s (journaling app) “On This Day” feature kindly reminded me…

Four years ago on this day, May 31 2016, I wrote,

Wrestling tonight was frustrating. I couldn’t roll Paulo. Not strong enough! I also couldn’t throw him. I managed to fireman carry him… But not without managing to punch myself in the face! I got teary-eyed from that. But that’s okay. This is the game I choose to play.