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I spend most of my energy on my new project, I am still available for work with inspiring people working on interesting projects.

Copy Bank

An 8-24-page booklet containing a vocabulary list and language templates — for example, strategic ways to present your premium price, moving your benefits to a higher level of importance — for selling your product to your market.

Only your customers know what they will buy and how they will pay for it. Researched from customer interviews, eavesdropping on conversations, surveys, etc…

The Copy Bank is a tool to 10x the effectiveness of your salespeople, account managers, and in-house copywriters.

(Disclaimer: I learned to use this tool from Dan Kennedy and his book, No B.S. Trust Based Marketing)

B2B marketing strategy

Depending on what stage your business is in, identifying your appropriate target — whether innovators, early adopters, early majority, late majority, or laggards — market, creating a Universe of channels to reach them, and crafting an offer (Unique Selling Proposition, positioning, and pricing) that make sense to them.

Copywriting: Sales pages

The only type of writing I ever do for clients anymore. The cost of a sales letter is US$10,000, plus royalty of 3% on any sales.

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