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The real reason you should write everyday

I think one of the things people online have always wanted to do is publish everyday. That includes me. It’s also really hard, it takes a lot of time, which is why so few people stick to it.

I was also convinced that that time is better spent working on my business, marketing, etc. Sure, content marketing is popular… But don’t let it seduce you. Because writing takes a lot of time. It’s is a very time- and energy-consuming, roundabout way of making money.

I think it’s because I tried to write everyday because of ego.

Just because people say it’s something successful people do. Because I wanted to show off the smart things I’m reading. The exciting places I’m visiting. All the knowledge I have…

Sure, write to impress people, build your brand, and prove you’re an expert. I intend to continue doing those things.

But writing everyday?

Yesterday, I heard Seth tell Srini why everybody should do it:

Writing is an exercise on being conscious and alive.

If I know I have to publish something… I have to force myself to be conscious: To look for something to say – a lesson learned (or relearned), something that makes me curious, something beautiful…

Instead of going through my days (and my life) like a zombie, I pay attention.

And isn’t that how we should all live?

We want to have something to say. This is one of the things that keeps me stuck when I write. Last month, I:

Crossfit Manila Throwdown 2015
Crossfit Manila Throwdown 2015

I wanted to write about them. But I didn’t. Because… These things happened, but so what? What do I have to say about it?

What’s my point?

Which is why Brad Brad Feld thinks you should write for at least an hour a day.

Forcing myself to sit down and work through these ideas in a logical sequence for an audience of readers required me to refine my thinking on how I invest in startups. How could I make the financing process more efficient? What’s the best way to structure a deal? I learned a lot, both from my writing and my readers’ responses.

To write, you need to have something to say.

In order to have something to say, you have to know what you think. To know what you think… Well, you have to think. Writing forces you to think.

Here’s to writing everyday. I expect to fall off the habit, of course.

But this time I’m doing it for the right reasons.