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10 fears disguising as plain, old bad habits

I used to think bad habits such as procrastination and not eating healthy are the consequences of a lack of will or discipline.

But ever since I stopped accepting them at face value and started looking for the fear, I found them.

Here’s 10 of the ‘bad habits’ I think are actually disguised fear:

  1. Procrastination — fear of taking action, then finding out you’re not as good you thought
  2. Staying at home — fear of rejection
  3. Recklessness — fear that you’ll plan and things will go off the rails anyway
  4. Indecision – fear of making the wrong decision
  5. Not speaking up — fear of looking and sounding stupid
  6. Not exercising — fear that it is useless and futile
  7. Not eating healthy — fear that I’ll miss out on the latest food everyone’s talking about
  8. Not eating healthy — fear that people will mock you as being self-conscious, egotistical, and shallow
  9. Too much shopping — fear that people think I don’t have money to spend
  10. Getting angry — fear that I’m not communicating effectively

Why does this matter?

Two reasons.

First, I have a theory habits such as procrastination and indecision were hard-wired into us as positive while we were growing up.

Procrastination — For the first 18 years of my life, I was proud of being lazy and doing things at the last minute.

Oh yeah, I didn’t study at all and look at how high my grades are. I’d totally be at the top of the class if I actually studied.

And indecision? Obedience was the most rewarded virtue when you’re young.

Listen to adults and follow what they tell you. Saying what you think is bad and rude.

Second, fear is a universal enemy.

I hate being weak and scared. Tell me I’m afraid of something, and I’ll go ahead, do the thing, and show you I’m not.

I am starting to think everything we do that we don’t want to… And everything we don’t do that we do want to… Are all rooted in fear.

Look for the fear and conquer it.