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Q&A to: Filipino’s Guide to Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) for Direct Hires

I am grateful to Nicole Kalagayan’s Filipino’s Guide to Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) for Direct Hires, as well as Ayra’s guide. I am also grateful to Lee’s generosity in answering my questions. Finally, there is also a Facebook Group that might be helpful to join: OEC PROCESSING for Direct-Hires OFW Support Group.

Many people have since asked me about my experience as well and I am publishing them so that more people may benefit. I will update this guide perpetually.

Last updated: Sun, Dec 8, ’19

Phase 1

Q: What requirements from the POEA can I already start working on prior to the visa appointment? Can I already request for the contract to be verified by POLO Berlin or is the visa a pre-requisite? Is the verification initiated by the employer?

1 – You can email POLO Berlin to ask for requirements for POLO verification of contract polo_germany@dole.gov.ph.

Some people said the visa was not a prerequisite for them, just a valid passport. In my experience, our HR led the coordination with POLO Berlin. They told her the visa is a pre-requisite. That’s why we didn’t start earlier. If I could do it all over again, I would prefer to lead the communication with POLO so I could follow up more, etc. as this is my main priority but not our HR’s.

Even if it is a pre-requisite, it helps to “get on their radar” now, rather than later. I expected to get my OEC within two weeks of starting the process with POLO, but in reality got it after 1.5 months.

3 weeks into the process, we were still trying to get an answer if they needed an “official” English-translated business registration or a regular one will do… I was following up with them about it and they told me to note that we started the process “only” three weeks ago.

So best to get on their radar as soon as you can.

2 – Given what I said in # 1. You would potentially need to get an “official” English translation of your employer’s German business registration.

3 – You can already compile the Company Profile (screenshots of your company’s website) and business registration of the employer.

For the latter, you ask your employer for this. For POEA (but not POLO), German version is sufficient.

4 – You can already compile

  • Previous certificates of employment — As many as you can. This is to prove that you are a professional in your field.
  • Diploma and TOR
  • License (if applicable)
  • CV / Resume

5 – You can also already write how you secured your employment.

Regarding getting it notarized, I suppose you can already do this as well. But in my experience, it was convenient to do this with the notary near the POEA since they do this all the time. I wasn’t sure if another notary would be unsure what to do.

Visa is required for the repatriation insurance.

Q: Did you also request for POLO Endorsement Letter addressed to admin?

When you email them asking for requirements, they will send you this form that your employer has to fill up, sign, and send back.

Phase 2

  1. Medical Certificate — Only valid for 6 months. I recommend doing this after you get the visa (since the visa might take many months), but way before completing Phase 1. You might get surprises here, which is why I recommend doing it well in advance of completing Phase 1. For example, everyone I know needed to get dental work done, so I did this even before doing the Medical Certificate. I used and recommend SuperCare in Makati http://supercare.com.ph/index.php#contactus They allow walk in and don’t need an endorsement from POEA.
  2. PEOS — Takes only 1 hour and is online. Can do this anytime here http://www.peos.poea.gov.ph/
  3. PDOS — Can only do this after Phase 1 when your name shows up on the POEA / Clearance in the POEA website here http://www.poea.gov.ph/dhclearance/directhires.html If your name doesn’t show up 3 days after completing Phase 1, I recommend calling them to follow up daily. I was cleared after 3 business days but it “got stuck” in admin and so my name only showed up after 5 business days or something.
  4. POEA Clearance — Your name shows up here http://www.poea.gov.ph/dhclearance/directhires.html about 3 business days after you complete Phase 1. The POEA Clearance is a printout of the PDF file where your name is included.

If you have more questions, feel free to leave a comment here or email me at chiara@chiaracokieng.com.