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Resources: First 90 Days for Product Managers

I hope to write a proper post about it soon... But for the purposes of today's post, it's three more weeks until I start a new role 🥳

Today, I thought about how I might approach the first 90 days.

In general, what's worked for me has been:

  • Schedule 1 on 1s with as many relevant people in the team
  • Prepare and ask a standard set of questions, including what they think the company's biggest challenges and opportunities are right now. Of course, that's aside from getting to know them, what they do, and who they are on a personal level. (Note: This is just to collect data points, not to ask people what I should do.)
  • Based on the above, plus my own thoughts and ideas, collaborate with my manager on a 30, 60, 90 day plan to agree on what would make my first 90 days a success

This has missing pieces, including exploring the product and talking to users.

Anyway, that's what I have for now. Aside from that, here are some resources for inspiration.