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Learning visual note-taking with Verbal to Visual

I was talking to a fellow course creator about the Skillshare course we're creating. He mentioned that including simple illustrations work super well for him. The ideas are more 'sticky' for students.

I'm in love with words. I love reading and writing. However, I lean too much on words. Many of my ideas can be communicated better with visuals.

I considered reading books. For example, Pencil Me In, or Dan Roam's books such as The Back of the Napkin or Show and Tell. However, I wanted a resource to help me build and practice these skills, not just read about them.

That's why I was so happy to discover Verbal to Visual and their courses on visual note-taking and sketchnoting.

Practicing Fonts

As someone who's given up on her handwriting, I was surprised with how 'well' these turned out and how much fun I had.

The promise of visual-notetaking? You'll learn to (1) learn, (2) solve problems, and (3) share ideas more effectively.

I'm excited to learn more in this course. Highly recommended!

Here are only two of the many ideas from our course that could be communicated way better with visuals:

Example 1: Two helpful beliefs:

1/ Job hunting is like dating.

- You don’t jump at the first person who seems remotely interesting to you.

- Even if you both know what you’re looking for (a relationship), it’s a dance. You dance.

2/ Employers need you as much as you need them.

Example 2: Here’s how the numbers work out:

- You strategically reach out to 20 people

- Of 20, 10 (50%) will agree to get on a friendly call.

- Of 10, 4 (40%), will turn into a legit opportunity to apply, or an intro to one

- Of 4 legit opportunities, you can convert 1-2 (25 to 50%) into an offer

- Multiply everything by 5 to get 5 offers