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Giant Swarm observability stack, finally :)

As my time with Giant Swarm draws to a close, one of my last contributions is the documentation of our managed observability stack.

I feel nostalgic as I reflect on this task.

Looking way back to my notes in December 2019, one of my goals in the first 30 days was to start the apps team that was to create the observability stack of apps.

Back then, I've barely even used GitHub yet.

I did not even have a code editor. Stevo recommended VS Code. I still remember his exact words. He told me to "Use a real code editor."

The difficulty to feel satisfaction with my work and results has been a pattern my whole work life.

As I look at this doc and the docs they link to... for example, articulating The Radical Way Giant Swarm Handles Service Level Objectives, and helping make our managed EFK, Loki, and Linkerd 2 happen... I do feel proud.