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🦁 “Chiara is an animal.” — Enio Borges, Brazil

🔥 “She is a force of nature.” — Elizma Briers, South Africa

🚀 "It wouldn't surprise me if she winds up having a significant effect on the course on world events." – Sebastian Marshall, Cofounder and CEO, Ultraworking

I’m a Product Owner at Giant Swarm and Co-Founder at Gen Propel. (Read: Job hunting in a new country? I'm starting a cohort-based course.)

Welcome to my online home. I write about job hunting abroad, Craft Docs, and books.

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I’ve been working in software since 2013, and have built and worked with remote and distributed teams across five continents. I’ve also been a management consultant, solopreneur, freestyle wrestler, and Olympic Hopeful. (LinkedIn)

Some projects I’ve worked on:

  • I co-organized the 2015 GiveGetWin tour with Sebastian Marshall and Kai Zau, travelling North America by rail for two months and speaking at NYU, MIT, and 10+ other universities. I spoke about elite mathematics, powerlifting, and accelerated learning.
  • I started co-writing a book on the modern history of Southern China’s Migrants. Parked it to prioritize my move to Germany. I still want to write this book.

Elsewhere, my approach to work has been featured in NYT bestselling author Chris Guillebeau’s blog and in his book, and my writing in the New York Observer.

ENTJ, Enneagram Type Eight. I read a lot and sometimes write.

Some things I’ve written people have said they enjoy:

Filipino Chinese. Born and raised in Manila. Living in Berlin, Germany.

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Last updated: Thu, 06. May 2021 in Berlin, Germany.

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