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YouTube Comedian?

Motivated by how unhappy I was with my video skills, I asked my friend if she'd consider starting a YouTube channel with me.

But on what? I want to get better at video. It's a key skill in 2021. But I'm not interested in self help or 'influencing'.

While browsing YouTube for inspiration, I stumbled upon this Trevor Noah video.

Here, Noah acts out a British person being interviewed on the BBC, on hating immigrants:

I'll tell you why I hate them. I'll tell you why, right. Because they're not even trying to be British. That's why.

They come here, they bring their own bloody culture. They bring their own food, speak their own bloody languages, try to take over the whole bloody place.
Well, that sounds British to me.

I laughed so hard!

That's why I'm considering doing comedy on YouTube.

It's not self help or influencing, but very interesting to me. It will facilitate us getting better at video, as well as paying more attention to what's going on around me.

To that end, I'm reading Mastering Stand-Up and we'll be enrolling in The Berlin Stand Up School.