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aText and Google Drive

Today, I simplified some of the apps I use, specifically:

I decided to go back to aText and stop my Text Expander subscription.

Originally, I wanted to use Text Expander for two reasons: (1) Formatting didn't transfer well from aText to Craft for 'metadata' info. However, I don't use this snippet anymore. (2) So I could use my hotkeys across Apple devices. But when I tried using these hotkeys on the iPhone, it didn't really stick. Therefore, I canceled my Text Expander subscription to save 5 EUR per month. aText is a one-time payment of 5 USD.

I decided to eliminate Dropbox and go all-in on Google Drive for cloud storage.

I currently use both Dropbox (for PDF files) and Google Drive (for collaborating e.g. Google Docs).

When I have a project that has both, it’s annoying to have to go to both apps. For example, I'm planning a trip to Paris. I have a Google Sheet for itinerary and expenses, as well as PDF files for COVID-19 forms. Instead, I can have both in only one folder in Google Drive.

I use Dropbox mainly for the PDF scanner, and I can easily use Cam Scanner for that. I'd love to go all-in on Dropbox and, say, collaborate on Dropbox Paper. However, this is unrealistic as the rest of the world is on Google Docs, and I can’t escape collaborating on Google Docs…